Been up since 1:30. Can’t seem to fall back to sleep. A million thoughts spinning round my head like granules of Metamucil in a glass of water.

(Nestlé Quik and Milk for you younger readers. Heh,)

 Preparing for tomorrow …  (at Mamasita’s  Edenton)

Preparing for tomorrow … (at Mamasita’s Edenton)

Catch Up

Mug Shot Monday: It was a smiley face mug. You’ll have to trust me.

Truthful Tuesday: THIS JOB SUCKS

GPOYW: I was cute

SST (sexy sexy Thursday): Bewbs

Five for Friday: Random shite you really didn’t want to know in the first place and would forget in seconds anyways.

THERE! I feel better now.

Lauren Bacall was last living icon name-dropped in Madonna's Vogue. →

Day late and a dollar short but first:

They’re all gone! That’s so sad!!!

Second: this came out when?!? Good lord, I’m old!

There’s No Way

The tumblr/Twitter/Facebook break I took this week was completely unintentional. It was the week before school starts up again, the teachers returned, the data manager retires in 3.5 days, and the superintendent is still going ahead with his plan of having me do my job and hers once she leaves.

Now, without the added responsibilities my job is crazy busy, throw all this in and it’s been INSANE. Pretty much have been out strait all week just with my admin stuff, haven’t been able to do any Data Mgr stuff. Came home laughing Thursday, telling my husband it’s just impossible. They’re nuts if they think 1 person can do both.

But I got my $40 raise from the Guvnah! That’s $40 a month mind you. Before taxes. Yeah. I’ll try not to spend it all in one place. There’s still been no talk of my raise for taking on both of these jobs yet.

I have shared my thoughts with a member of the school board and a county commissioner though. Don’t know if that will help or not.

But anyways, that’s where I’ve been. Sound fun, right?

Yeah, I thought so.

 Celebrating losing five pounds this week … With Chinese food! Lol

Celebrating losing five pounds this week … With Chinese food! Lol

 Someone got trashed last night … Literally.

Someone got trashed last night … Literally.

 Kids come back Monday. I wonder if they have any specials on Vodka?

Kids come back Monday. I wonder if they have any specials on Vodka?

Bad Houseguests! Very Bad!

So we arrive at my husband’s friends’ house Friday afternoon. No one is home but they left us the key under the mat. He tells me the bathroom is at the end of the hall and our bedroom is upstairs, first room on the left.  So I run in and head strait down the hall to use the facilities. Then go upstairs to find our room. Only…there’s nothing on the left. I’m all “Hun! What the hell are you talking about?” and he comes up the stairs and says that’s it right there. But that room is straight ahead, maybe first on the right, but that’s a stretch. I go in. Gorgeous room. No personal artifacts anywhere…no wedding pictures, no photos of kids, no jewelry or clothes or anything. So I’m all maybe this IS the guest room. So I put down my purse and sprawl out on the bed. The hubs comes in and sprawls out on top of me. We jokingly start rolling around and jumping on the bed, y’know, acting the fools, when we hear the key in the front door. So we hop up, straighten everything out and run down the stairs to meet the hub’s friend.  He’s like, well lets go get your bags and they head out to the car, the hubs comes in with his bags and his friend comes in with mine and he says “follow me” and starts up the stairs, bypasses the room we were just making ourselves comfortable in and goes around the corner to deposit our bags in an obviously 10 year old lil girls’ room!

Oops!  The room we made ourselves comfortable in was the master bedroom!  And wouldn’t you know…I left my purse in there sitting on on the bed.


This is why we travel ALONE

  • Hubs: there's a Cracker Barrel
  • Me: there's an Adam & Eve store
  • H: "..."
  • Me: well, the winery wasn't open this morning so we couldn't bring the local wine but we could be all "Here's some NC porn! Thanks for having us!"
  • H: Buy 2 get a free bottle of Anal Release!
  • Me: Anal EASE! Not release! Anal Release would be a horrible horrible accident! Not a good thank you gift at all!